Why Choose Achorda?


The ACHORDAmembership solution isn't just software, it's a service. It includes an ongoing partnership with trusted experts who know the digital needs of membership organisations inside out. It includes expert advice and guidance to help you customise your solution to ensure it enables you to succeed in overcoming all the unique challenges your organisation faces. 

We know exactly how to help you use your web presence to

  • market the benefits of membership such as tools, resources, products and services
  • enhance the value of membership to existing and potential members through self-service and engagement
  • attract and recruit new members and retain them
  • collect vital data for measuring member and marketing activity for accurate reporting
  • manage communications to groups and individuals
  • store and distribute documents securely and efficiently
  • manage events and online event bookings
  • integrate other business systems for smoother administration and more cost-effective time management
  • achieve maximum business enhancement within your I.T. budget

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