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ACHORDA with Umbraco CMS

ACHORDA and Umbraco

ACHORDAcore is the platform on which all our solutions are built, including ACHORDAmembership. It is the first building block for our tailored solutions and we are very proud of it. Within ACHORDAcore is the powerful and trusted Umbraco CMS, currently powering over 400,000 busy websites worldwide. Like our own ACHORDA products, Umbraco is based on Microsoft's .Net technology so it gels seamlessly with every ACHORDA solution. 

Here are a few of the reasons why we chose Umbraco to enhance ACHORDAcore

  • Umbraco is in the top five most popular server applications and is supported by an entire community of professionals dedicated to keeping Umbraco cutting edge, secure and relevant
  • Microsoft’s .Net technology is robust, trusted and very familiar to us. Umbraco is built on the same future-proof framework as our tailored solutions
  • Umbraco’s editing experience is intuitive and fun, encouraging regular updating of content to keep pages fresh and engaging
  • We can tailor the CMS to give you as much control as you need, including editing privileges, workflow and rollback features
  • We don’t need to burden you with the hefty CMS licence fees associated with some of the systems on offer that come with so many ‘bells and whistles’ that you don’t know where to start
  • In a nutshell… we love it!

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